Electrical and Battery Chargers 


  • Redarc Battery Management

    For more than 35 years, REDARC has been manufacturing high-quality products for the Australian market. As an Australian based company, REDARC knows the difficulties that Australian drivers may encounter. So, they create their products to effectively meet the needs of all Australian motorists with 4X4 vehicles. And, you can purchase many of these top performing products from us, right here at Fit My 4WD.

    One of the best things about REDARC is that they don’t simply create a product. Instead, they spend years researching and developing a product that will be perfect for the task that it’s designed to perform. And after years and years of thorough research, they have developed some of the best 4X4 accessories on the market. Today, they manufacture a wide variety of products and Fit My 4WD carries the best battery management systems that they create.

    When it comes to battery management, you need a product that will not fail you. After all, it is designed to manage one of the most important aspects of your vehicle- the battery. So, the best thing you can do to protect that battery is to install a REDARC system. It has been used all throughout Australia for several decades and is widely known as a brand that can be trusted completely.

    All the REDARC battery management systems that we carry at Fit My 4WD are designed to assist with the function of your battery, no matter what vehicle you drive. Whether Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford, Volkswagen or any other make, your 4X4 will be in good hands when you choose REDARC.

    Battery management is especially important when you take long trips away from areas where help for your vehicle is easily accessible. But it can sure come in handy even while driving around town. Fit My 4WD wants to ensure that no matter where you are, once you need to charge your vehicle’s batteries, you can do so with ease. So, the choice is simple- get on board and purchase your REDARC battery management system today!

    For the value that these REDARC devices have to offer, they are quite reasonably priced. So, don’t worry about breaking the bank. You won’t have to. Fit My 4WD is committed to providing the best products for you at the most amazing prices. It’s in your best interest to make sure that you take advantage of these deals today.

    As an Australian driver, you may be prone to many more dangerous situations that other drivers across the world. Isn’t it better to be thoroughly prepared than unprepared? The products that we supply at Fit My 4WD will ensure that no matter what situation you’re faced with, you’ll have the accessories and fittings that you need to get through it. Ensure you purchase those well-needed accessories today! 

  • Solar Panels

    REDARC portable folding solar panels are provided without a solar regulator, ideal for connection to an existing Redarc BCDC or Battery Management System. Included is a 5m uv-stabilized solar cable with a 50A Anderson plug, panel y-adapters, a tent peg and a strong nylon carry bag. The panel itself features reinforced aluminum legs, top quality stainless steel hinges and latches and a fold-away handle.