Bullbars & Protection


  • Front Bull Bars & Nudge Bars

    ECB - East Coast Bullbars, MCC 4x4, Rhino 4x4 are just a few of the brands that we carry at No Limits Offroad

  • Rear Bars

    MCC 4x4 Twin Wheel Carriers, Rear Jack Bars and Rear Rocker Bars, Rhino 4x4 Rear Step Bars and Outback Accessories Twin Wheel Carriers and Xrox Rear Bars are all here. 

  • Side Steps & Rock Sliders

    If you’re an avid off-road driver, having protective gear for your vehicle should be high on your priority list. We all know that the Australian terrain can be very harsh on your 4X4 vehicle, no matter how tough it is. Installing accessories such as rock sliders can help to keep your vehicle looking new despite the many rocks or hard objects that scrape its base. And, we have some of the best brands on the market which includes names such as Rhino, MCC, XROX and AFN 4X4.

  • Underbody Protection

    There are many dangers that lurk when you pursue off-road touring. And, there are many things out there that can damage your vehicle’s underbody. Without adequate protection, it may be quite easy for you to damage your radiator, tail shaft or you may even puncture a sump. It is therefore in your best interest to make sure that it’s protected at all times. Brown Davis is a well-known brand that specializes in all types of accessories for your four-wheel-drive. If you want to make sure that you have adequate protection for your underbody before your off-road trekking, this is a brand that you need to get.

  • Rear Bar Optional Extras

    This is for all the extra optional parts thats can be added to the Rear Bars we supply

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