Recovery Equipment


  • Air Compressors

    The Mean Mother MMACA2 Adventurer 2 Heavy Duty 12V Air Compressor has been designed for serious off road use. Packed with plenty of inflation power, it delivers an incredible 160 Litres per minute at 150 psi. It's equipped with all the standard features you’d expect in a compressor of this quality such as thermal overload & circuit breaker protection.

  • Recovery Kits

    Having a fully stocked and properly maintained recovery kit is an essential accessory for any 4WD enthusiast. It is very important to have quick and easy accessibility to all your recovery equipment. Each Mean Mother recovery kit has been carefully tailored to include the correct equipment for most recovery situations.

  • Maxtrax

    Multi-award-winning MAXTRAX XTREME is the most advanced 4WD recovery track ever created, featuring 88 replaceable hard-anodised alloy teeth moulded into a heavy-duty, super-tough, engineering-grade reinforced Nylon recovery track. MAXTRAX XTREME is designed and manufactured for professional use based on direct feedback from some of the world's most elite military units, off-road racing champions, certified 4WD driver trainers and globe-trotting expedition leaders as a mission-critical recovery track for a wide range of scenarios where time is of the essence and aggressive driving and excessive wheel spin is often unavoidable, including active combat situations, timed motorsport competitions and remote area expeditions.

  • Winches

    All winches are not made equal. Some are certainly better than others. That’s why we make sure that when it comes to winches, Fit My 4WD has you covered. We carry a wide variety of winches, able to fit into just about any budget and our winches are all made from top manufacturers right here in Australia. From Mean Mother to Runva winches, count on us to provide you with the absolute best brands in the industry.

  • Harrop E Lockers

    The ELocker is built with precision-forged gears that are designed to mesh perfectly, providing improved strength and durability over a standard cut gear. Its ease of installation, reliability and push button activation make ELocker an absolute must for all traction off-road performance applications.

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