• LED Light Bars

    Great Whites is one of Australia's best selling aftermarket driving lights, trusted by truck drivers and 4WD enthusiasts across the country. With a high performance output, long life warranty and outstanding design, it's not hard to see why. Among other brands Lightforce and Dobinson 4x4 LED Light Bars. 

  • Halogen Lights

    Purpose designed to accommodate new generation HID Xenon bulbs with all electrical components housed within the body of the light. This means Genesis not only looks great, but is easy to fit and won’t fill your engine bay with unnecessary clutter.

  • LED Driving Lights

    Driving around when there’s low visibility can be a nerve-wrecking experience. But, more importantly, it can be extremely dangerous if you drive without adequate lighting on your vehicle. To increase visibility and make your driving experience more pleasurable, you need great lights on your vehicle. LED lights are one of the best options that you can choose and Fit My 4WD has a very amazing selection of great lights for just about any type of vehicle. Whether you’re driving around in the middle of the day, or when it’s completely dark at night, having great lights will surely help to enhance visibility.

    Fit My 4WD carries two major brands of light for all types of vehicles- Great Whites and LightForce. These are two of the highest rated light brands right across the world. We also carry Rhino products, another high-rated brand that you can rely on to provide great lights for your automobile at all times. With the perfect mixture of cutting edge technology and premium materials, Lightforce and Great Whites lights are guaranteed to shine, surpassing all your expectations.

    LightForce, an Australian company that has been around for more than 35 years, has perfected the art of making high-quality lighting solutions. You can be sure that all Lightforce lights are made only from the best materials available. For many years, Australians have come to know and trust this brand, and, they are also well-known internationally. Tried, tested and proven, LightForce lights stop nothing short of perfection.

    Great Whites, another amazing brand, is also Australian-made. With excellent customer ratings and products guaranteed to shine no matter where in Australia you use them, you can’t go wrong if you choose Great Whites lights. They use the best and latest technology to create efficient and effective lighting solutions for trucks, cars and all other types of automobiles.

    No matter what you drive, there’s an LED light solution here for you at Fit My 4WD. Gone are the days where you have to be content with inferior lighting on your vehicle. Today, you can improve visibility from your vehicle by adding any pair of the remarkable lighting solutions that we have in stock- whether you choose Great Whites lights or otherwise. Not only will they give you good distance and remarkable light spread, but they will remain durable and highly effective for many years to come.

    If you have been searching for an effective way to enhance the light that your vehicle provides, check out the amazing selection of LED products that we have in stock. Not sure which product will suit you best? Let us assist you. We’re sure that we have Great Whites lights or LightForce lights that can enhance your visibility.  

  • LED Work Lights

    Perfect for a wide range of applications, the multi purpose Lightforce LED Worklights is a unique solution to a range of lighting needs! Available in ‘spot’ ‘flood’ and ‘ultra flood’ configurations – there’s an option to suit every requirement.