Other Accessories 


  • Long Range Tanks

    Wouldn’t you like to drive your 4WD for longer distances while making less fuel stops? You can! The long-range Brown Davis tanks can enable you to do so. Their long-range tanks are designed so you can have a much larger fuel tank in your vehicle so it can have a larger fuel capacity. This will enable you to drive for much longer distances on just one full tank of fuel. You won’t have to sacrifice some of your storage space because you are carrying fuel refills or extend the time of your trip by making fuel stops. We have some amazing long-range fuel tanks for you.

    Brown Davis is a very well-known and reputable company in Australia that has been making 4WD accessories for over 35 years. They know the terrain, so they know that their products will have to stand up to harsh conditions. And, they have continually produced 4WD accessories that can do just that. All their long-range tanks are built from very high-grade materials. They are made from steel coated with Aluminium.

    Steel is a very strong material that allows the tanks to have extreme strength and resilience, making them a very durable option. Since steel is so resistant to impact, you do not have to worry about purchasing any additional tank guards. And, with many standard fuel tanks being less than 2mm thick, it only follows that the Brown Davis tanks are of superior quality to many other brands and types of fuel tanks that you can find on the market today.

    The combination of steel and Aluminium coating is an excellent choice. The steel provides strength to prevent damages from impact and other harsh conditions while the Aluminium will prevent corrosion. Plus, unlike aluminium, steel won’t get fatigued from the vibration and twisting that will occur when you drive on rough landscapes. Certainly, this makes them perfect for all types of off-road vehicles.

    Since fuel is such a volatile substance, you need to think carefully about your safety when it comes to purchasing a fuel tank. Brown Davis has your best interest at heart. They make sure that all their 4WD accessories continually pass the strictest safety tests and the structure will remain rigid enough even on the roughest terrains. Perfect for Australian terrain, these are some of the best long-range fuel tanks on the market today. Continue browsing to check out the wide selection that we have for you, right here at Fit my 4WD. 

  • Seat Covers

    If you have a lifestyle that involves tracking a lot of mess through your vehicle, then investing in a protective solution may be an advisable idea. Our range of canvas car seat covers are designed for added durability and are available throughout Australia.
    Unlike other cover materials, canvas offers a superior level of resilience and is perfect for resisting tears, rips, spills and other general mess.

  • Exhaust Systems

    Mean Mother performance exhaust systems are designed to suit a wide range of popular 4WD vehicles and are built by one of this country's leading exhaust manufacturers. The result is a product that delivers Dyno proven power, increased torque and horsepower, with better fuel efficiency and a deeper throatier sound. Each system is constructed from 409 Stainless and coated with a heat resistant matt black finish.

  • CB Radios & Antennas

    The UH8060NB is built for rugged Australian and New Zealand conditions, making it ideal for the truck drivers, 4WD Drivers and Caravan Drivers. Uniden's reliability and experience in UHF makes this unit ideal for the professional who needs to keep in touch with the outside world

  • Reversing Cameras

    Getting a reversing camera is a smart move. Not only do they make reversing and parking easier, they could save a life too. Improves safety and gives piece of mind while reversing by improving visibility of hazards

  • Safari Snorkel

    Safari Snorkels originated from Australia in the early 1980’s. It was developed because many 4WD engines needed some form of protection from the harsh off-road Australian terrain. These terrains still exist today and they can cause a lot of dust and water to enter your vehicle’s systems.

    Since they have undergone many vigorous tests and research, you can be confident in using these automotive snorkels. They have been proven for many years to be effective regardless of the make or model 4WD that they are used in. It is arguably, the best brand that Australians use in their 4X4 vehicles.

    Safari 4x4 Snorkel Systems are manufactured to meet the highest standards. As a result, they are one of the most durable automotive snorkel systems on the market today. They are also very UV stable, plus they deliver a continuously cool supply of air for optimal engine performance regardless of the terrain. Each system is made of premium materials. From the fixtures and fittings right down to the materials used for sealing, you will only receive high-quality materials.

    The Safari Charge Air Ram eliminates the need for worry about water getting into the air stream going to your engine. It contains a very effective water separator system that removes water from the incoming air stream. This makes it very safe to operate your 4X4 vehicle’s engine through water and even in the midst of the most drenching tropical storms.

    Another great advantage of the Air Ram is that you can rotate it to just about any position. So, whether you’re travelling in the cold or you’re at a high-altitude where snow is possible, the air ram will protect your 4X4 from choking due to snow build-up in the air intake.

    Whether you will be driving through the driest of desserts or you’re journeying through a Safari with several types of terrain, Safari Snorkels can provide excellent protection for your vehicle. Don’t leave your vehicle unprotected while going through these harsh environments. Fit my 4WD has Safari Snorkels to fit all types of 4WD vehicles. Make sure you get yours today.

    Are you looking to buy Automotive Snorkels for a Ford, Jeep, Land Rover, Mazda, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Suzuki, Toyota or a Volkswagen vehicle? Fit My 4wd has got Australia covered. We have some of the best snorkels that you can get for your 4WD. No matter what terrain you drive on- wet, dry or dusty- these Safari Snorkels will keep your vehicle protected at all times.

  • Bushwacker Pocket...

    With their recessed stainless steel bolts and massive presence, Pocket Style® Fender Flares are a Bushwacker original and an off-road icon. They're custom-designed for your Volkswagen Amarok to complement oversized tyres and high-clearance lift kits. You can mount them right out of the box, with their tough, OEM-style matte black finish - they're UV protected so they won't chalk. Or, paint them to match or accent the body color, for a factory-custom look

  • Fuel Pre Filter Kit

    No, the only time this might happen is if and when the filter becomes blocked. Most modern Diesel filter systems come with flow restriction indicators that would alert you if the fuel flow was restricted. On average we would expect the Pre-filter to be changed every 30,000-40,000km. Why is fuel flow so important? Fuel flow rates in most modern diesels are very high. Our Brown Davis pre filters, however, are all rated to allow up to 300lt/hour of fuel flow – several times that of the most extreme fuel demands of any 4WD

  • Tailgate Seal Kits

    This seal kit is designed to keep unwanted dust and water our of your utes tailgate. It comes with step by step instructions for an easy DIY install. It seals the vehicles OE tailgate only. Seals for Canopies, lids and covers are not included in this kit.

  • Polaris GPS

    Thanks to GPS and navigation systems, the days of being lost when you go for a drive are long gone. Many vehicles nowadays have built-in GPS systems and those without- you can often get it installed very easily. Driving around in your 4X4 on rough terrains is hard enough as is, why drive without a high-quality GPS system?

    Polaris GPS systems are very high-performance navigation systems that make traveling considerably easier. It is considered the world’s all-purpose GPS and we have it, right here at Fit my 4WD. Install it in your Ford, Mazda, Toyota, Volkswagen, Mitsubishi or any other 4X4 vehicle you own. We carry many different varieties, ensuring that we have your navigation needs covered no matter what 4X4 vehicle you drive.

    Whether you prefer a universal unit, or you would rather a unit made especially for the make vehicle that you drive, Polaris should be your go-to brand. Upgrade the current In-Dash unit that you have or add a navigation system where there was none. Either way, navigating through the loneliest areas of Australia will become much easier. Plus, you can load the HEMA maps to the same SD card that you use for your street navigation, once you have the Polaris In-Dash Unit.

    At Fit My 4WD, we have four main types of Polaris GPS systems- the PID019R, PID1624, RW-50/15 and the FR-1516. All these units are high-quality units, suitable for just about all 4X4 vehicles. While some are made for a specific make or model, others have universal capabilities and can be used in any off-road automobile.

    The PID019R is made for many Toyota models and is a complete replacement for the centre console. It has many features such as rear vision camera, AM/FM radio, Bluetooth connectivity and much more. For Mazda, the RW-50/15 will serve you well, and the large 8-inch screen makes it easy to see what the rear vision camera is showing, or any other image being displayed. As an upgrade to the current unit in your 2015 Ford, you can purchase the FR-1516 unit. It won’t interfere with the operation of your current unit and has its own speaker for the navigation system. You’ll even enjoy features such as forward vision and rear vision cameras. Plus, there are many other features added for your convenience.

    The quality of any of our Polaris GPS systems is beyond excellent. Once there is GPS signal, you won’t have to worry about getting lost, no matter how far out you end up driving. Polaris is known for its incredibly high-quality products too. Every one of their products is built from top-grade materials, ensuring that they provide many years of service. For all your 4X4 GPS needs, make sure you get a Polaris GPS system. 

  • Wheel & Tyre Packages

    FITMY4WD has exclusive deals with Method Race Wheels and a Range of Different tyre brands including, Cooper, Toyo Kumho, Achillies, Procomp & many many more. Select your vehicle above to see what wheels and tyres suit your vehicle.