Canopies & Steel Trays 


  • Flexiglass Canopies

    Searching for the best canopy for your vehicle? Fit my 4WD has an amazing collection of Flexiglass canopies from the best canopy manufacturer in Australia. Regardless of the make or model of your vehicle, we’re sure we have a canopy that can fit.

    From the early 1900’s Flexiglass has been making canopies for all types of vehicles. With such extensive experience in the canopy industry, you can be sure that once you choose Flexiglass canopies, you’re choosing the best. Their canopies can withstand the toughest conditions all throughout Australia. No matter where your journey takes you, there’s no need to worry about the safety, durability or effectiveness of your canopy. We all know that Australia has some very rough and harsh terrain as well as harsh climate. But, there’s no doubt that these canopies will handle it all.

    There are many great features of Flexiglass canopies- they are lightweight, flexible but, yet they remain durable and effective at their job. All these great features make them more desirable than many other types of canopies on the market. Made with top quality fiberglass and other components that help to give it flexibility, these products are certainly built to last for a very long time.

    Here at fit my 4WD, we only carry canopies that we trust and know you can rely on. That’s why we have canopies made from some of the best materials, including fiberglass. With Flexiglass, we know that your vehicle won’t be burdened by excessive weight, instead you’ll enjoy functionality from a very lightweight but durable canopy. Plus, since these canopies are so much lighter than other types, your fuel consumption will not be as high as you drive around with them attached to your vehicle.

    Security is not a big concern when you choose Flexiglass canopies. All windows are made to effectively keep your property secure. Furthermore, you can always reinforce the locks on the canopy, making them as secure as you like. From raised canopies to ones that sit flush with the top of your vehicle’s roof, Fit My 4WD has them all. Be sure to select a product that is most compatible with your vehicle. But, if you’re unsure, contact us at Fit My 4WD and we’ll assist you.

    When it comes to finding the best canopy for your vehicle, choose Flexiglass, found right here at Fit My 4WD. Go ahead and check out the products we currently have in stock to see which features most impress you and which ones are suitable for your 4X4 vehicle. 

  • Tuff Steel Trays

    THE NEW TUFF UTE TRAY COMBINES STRENGTH, QUALITY AND VALUE FOR MONEY. TUFF Trays are built to the same exacting standards that have made the TUFF bullbar a legend in the Australian bush.

    A key feature of the new TUFF Ute Tray design is the heavy-duty C section mounting frame that gives additional strength and durability.

    TUFF trays are given a protective finish using our in-house powder coating and wet spray facilities.

    All trays are abrasive blasted and treated with a high zinc primer and top coat. Powder coated finishes give the highest level of protection while the two-pack paint option gives a more traditional tray finish.

  • Sammitr T-Lift...

    The unique design of the SMM T-Lift slows the downward progression when opening the tailgate and then assists the lifting action when you close the tailgate. Hands-free tailgate opening, One hand tailgate closing, Improved safety operation, Assists opening and closing, Easy, quick installation, No drilling.

  • Flexiglass Accessories

    This is where you will find all the add on options and accessories for the Flexisport, Flexitrade, FlexiXover & FlexiEdge Canopies