• Bullbars & Protection

    This is where you will find all the information you need to know about Steel Bullbars, Alloy Bullbars, Steel Side Steps, Rock Sliders, Rear Step Bars, Rear Wheel Carriers & Underbody Protection Plates

  • Camping and Fridges

    If its just a night away on the beach or a long trek around the country side, we have all your Rhino Rack Awnings, Tent Rooms, Mammoth Fridges and MSA Fridge Slides to make your trip a success and ease. 

  • Canopies & Steel Trays

    Have a ute and need extra storage and security, We have a range of Fibreglass and Steel Canopies that can help you gain that extra room and keep your possessions safe and secure. Flexiglass and Sammitr have your needs covered.

  • Electrical and Battery...

    When it comes to our vehicles we push them hard and so does the Australian environment. Driving to the beach in summer under the bonnet is pushing 80°C, a trip to the corner store can be a 15 minute drive - and the hill on the way home a vertical ascent. So we supply Australian Made Products as we know they are among the best in the world. 

  • Drawer Systems

    Have you been searching to find the perfect way to increase the storage space in your 4X4 vehicle? Drawer systems are a very effective way of doing this. With a drawer system, not only will you be able to make the most of the space you have; you will also be able to organize your items better. We have many types of storage options in stock. Whether you want to transport relatively small objects or much larger ones, there is a storage option just for you.

    At Fit my 4WD, you have easy access to some of the finest drawer systems in Australia. In fact, every single drawer that we have in stock is made right here in Australia. They are made from some of the most durable materials too. You can have these drawers to use in your 4WD for many years to come.

    Outback Touring Solutions has some of the best drawer systems for 4WD vehicles. They specialize in building custom 4WD Drawer Systems for your Outback Touring Storage Solutions. In addition, you can get some of the best Ute Canopies & Full Service-Bodies for your 4WD.  No matter what type of 4X4 vehicle you own, there’s a storage solution for you. Whether it is a wagon, 4WD, camper, ute or even a caravan, your storage issues can be a thing of the past.

    One of the best things about these systems is that they are very easy to remove or install. If you want to remove them in between trips, you can do so with ease. Plus, these systems are very low maintenance. Built to perfectly fit your 4X4 vehicle, any system you choose will definitely improve your storage options. Keep those small items from flying past your window by keeping them secure in a drawer. Remember, they are made custom to suit your needs.

    Some 4X4 drawers tend to be heavy because of the materials they are made from. But, the storage systems that we supply at Fit my 4WD are lightweight. You don’t have to worry about them weighing down on your vehicle. Plus, this will help you to save yourself some fuel.

    If you have been trying to find the perfect drawer system for your vehicle, browse through our stock to see the options we have available for you. Not sure which one of our storage options will meet your need? Contact us to see how we can assist you. Fit my 4WD is committed to providing quality products for all types of 4WD vehicles. We will help you to make the best decision for your 4X4.

  • Lighting

    Whether its to light up your Camp Site, or to light up the road ahead. We have you covered with all your lighting needs, We have all the big brands including Lightforce, Great Whites, Roo Lights and Rhino 4x4 Lights. Let us Brighten up the road ahead for you and your safety. 

  • Other Accessories

    We have all your other vehicle accessories covered. Seat Covers to keep your trim clean, Long Range Fuel Tanks to get you further, Exhaust systems to give you more fuel economy and more power, Snorkels to help with your airflow, Cb Radios and Reversing Cameras to help you communicate. We have it all to help your touring and offroading needs. 

  • Recovery Equipment

    The Mean Mother brand represents strength, quality and durability across all platforms with a significant emphasis on innovative quality control and testing procedures. Our exciting new retail packaging and extensive range of winch designs & configurations has found immediate traction with retailers and consumers.

  • Roof Trays & Accessories

    Rhino-Rack has been creating world-class roof racks since 1992. Australia’s most diverse and innovative range of roof rack products, We’re there for the tradies. We’re there for the sportsmen. We’re there for the sun-seekers and nature lovers. We’re there for the environment. Most of all, we’re there for the customer.

  • Suspension Kits

    This is where you will find all the suspenison kits and shock absorbers for your vehicle, from the biggest brands on the market Tough Dog, Dobinsons and Bilstein, We've got you covered for every application and every terrain.