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  • Awnings

    Thanks to the Sunseeker 2.5m Awning, you can now savour the great outdoors without worrying about the sunburn. Simply mount the Sunseeker Awning to your roof rack and roll out the 2.5m awning to create a lovely 5 square metre shaded area for you and your family to relax in. The Sunseeker Awning is perfect for camping, picnics, lunch breaks at work, or lazy days at the beach.

  • Mammoth Fridge

    Whether you’re going camping or you’re about to be adventurous and go for a very long ride, having some way of cooling beverages or perishable food items is always a great option. Since you will be driving, carrying around a huge fridge or freezer is not such a great idea. It’s a good thing then that we have such a fantastic collection of Mammoth Fridges right here at Fit My 4WD.

    The Mammoth Fridge is one of the most trusted and most reliable cooling devices when it comes to travelling in Australia. Not only is it very small and compact, but it does a very good job of keeping your items cool. Perhaps, most importantly, is the fact that they are extremely efficient at their job.

    Just about every freezer/fridge in the Mammoth line is equipped with a digital control panel. This makes it very easy for you to control its settings. To top that off, they have a SECOP compressor, so their minimum temperature goes as low as 18°C. As a result, it’s your choice as to whether you use it as a fridge or as a freezer.

    Made by Primus, a company that originates from as far back as the late19th century, Mammoth Fridges are as durable as they get. There’s no reason for you to doubt the quality or performance of any product in the Mammoth line. Plus, you don’t have to settle for just one size if you’re thinking of purchasing one of these fridges/freezers. There are so many sizes to choose from. Whether you want something as small as 45L or as large as 92L, the choice is yours. But, one thing that comes standard with a Mammoth Fridge is a very high standard. Made only from premium materials and with proven results over and over again, you’re guaranteed many years of great service from these small but highly effective cooling devices.

    Fit my 4WD caters to all your travelling fridge concerns by carrying a wide selection of products within the Mammoth line. We also have many types of accessories for these fridges/freezers including insulated covers and stands. All for an affordable price, we make these products available to you right throughout the year. And, what’s more, you’ll enjoy a very generous warranty all backed by the Australian Consumer Law.

    If you’ve been searching for a good quality fridge that you can keep in your 4X4 vehicle, you need to check out the ones we have in stock. Not only can we save you a few bucks, but you can rest assured, knowing that you’re purchasing one of the best freezer/fridges on the market today.

  • MSA 4x4

    The MSA 4X4 Drop Slide is the ultimate fridge slide. It helps you to have easy and unrestricted access to your fridge and since it is made of some of the most durable materials, it is guaranteed to last for a very long time. In fact, it is the only drop slide that has a lifetime guarantee. Fit my 4wd carries a wide selection of these drop slides too and they are all original.

    We also offer installation packages with each drop slide that we carry. Whether you are looking for a straight-out fridge slide or a Drop-down fridge slide, we have you covered. We have them both in stock and we have the most amazing brands for all products that we carry. In fact, the MSA 4X4 brand is one of the best in the industry. These drop slides will slide out of their stowed position very easily and lower in a smooth, safe and easy motion, plus they can handle a lot of weight without getting damaged.

    Due to the design of the MSA 4X4 fridge slides, we recommend 670N - 1200N gas struts. This will allow them to operate much more efficiently for your benefit. Other gas struts will not do such a good job. We are sure that you want to get clear and easy access to your toolbox, fridge or any other item you need to reach without hassle. The fridge slides stow away quite easily too, as they slide right back into their stored position with very little effort.

    One of the amazing things about the drop slides that we offer is that they are very compact when stowed. You will still have a lot of space in your vehicle to carry other items and there are usually lock features on the drop slides for safety purposes. At such a light weight and with such a compact design, it is really amazing that you can get all these tremendous functions and benefits from this incredibly well-built product.

    There are so many features of our MSA 4X4 fridge slides that make them desirable. From their high-quality construction to the different sizes available, you are sure to find one that is perfect for you. They come with all the fixings and tie down straps too. All that you will need is to get them installed. And, to top it off, your fridge slide may just be compatible with a variety of fridge models.

    There’s absolutely no need for you to settle for inferior products when Fit my 4wd has the best MSA 4X4 fridge slides for affordable prices!

  • Camping Accessories

    Camp Chairs and Fire Pits from Fitmy4wd & No Limits Offroad